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25-Foot Bondage Rope - Black KL-468B
Whether you are curious about bondage play or already an expert, this soft nylon bondage rope is strong enough for serious play but is smooth and gentle on bare skin. The ends are finished by hand to prevent fraying. The Bondage Rope has many uses, and can be cut to make tethers, leashes, restraints and so much more.
3-Piece Adjustable Neck And Wristraint Set EL-LF-1463
The 3-piece Adjustable Neck and Wristraint Set light bondage gear designed for additional dominance play. This versatile device restrains without fully incapacitating. Perfect for beginners BDSM or couples just looking to try something new.
30 Ft Black Bondage Rope    STR-AE892
Explore the intricate world of rope bondage with this silky, soft, and smooth double-braided nylon! The coreless construction makes this an ideal rope for knots, easy to work with and comfortable during movement. Practice your shibari techniques or test your knot skills to bind your lover in various erotic positions. 30 feet of rope allows you endless possibilities to make your BDSM fantasies come to life.

Measurements: 30 feet in length.

Material: Nylon.

Note: Always keep open communication and a pair of safety scissors nearby when playing with rope.
5-Piece Hogtie Set EL-LF-1794
Not for the uninitiated this industrial-strength hogtie set lets you completely incaoacitate your lover and get down to business. Stainless steel hardware and padded Velcro Cuffs because after all one should be comfortable when hogtied.
Acquire Easy Access Thigh Harness with Wrist Cuffs  MS-AE801
Your submissive lover wants to be even more vulnerable to your desires! Put them in this positioning harness to spread their legs open and keep their wrists trapped behind their back. Four points of adjustability allow you to customize the chest harness to your partners size. The elegant ankle and wrist cuffs are also fully adjustable with the buckles. This comfortable positioning aid can be used during foreplay or sex to pleasure your pet… and yourself!

Measurements: Back strap adjusts from 5 to 10 inches. Wrist cuffs adjust from 6 to 10 inches in circumference. Thigh cuffs adjust from 13 to 23 inches in circumference. Chest strap adjusts up to 45 inches in circumference.

Material: Neoprene, PU Leather, Nylon, Metal.
Adjustable Leather Handcuffs - Black  OU-OU139BLK
Looking for a handcuff with handle that is made to play hard with? Look no further. The Ajustable Leather Handcuffs with Handle of Ouch! Are comfortable but incredibly secure and have quality leather straps with soft fabric on the outside. With straps for the cuffs adjusting the size is a breeze and fits almost any wrist. Because of the handle you can easily hold on to your partner from behind.

- Material: Leather and Metal
Adjustable Spreader Bar - Silver KL-109S
Spread them wide with this Adjustable Spreader. These three sections can also breakdown easily for quick and easy storage. Heavy-duty eye-bolts at either end of the bar ensure compliance and control when you attach your favorite pair of ankle cuffs.
Bare Bondage - Collar and  Leash  NSN1210-21
Transparent collar and leash. Fully adjustable nickle-free hardware. Non-staining body-safe vinyl. Unisex design and compatible with all Bare Bondage accessories.
Bare Bondage - Hog Tie   NSN1210-61
Transparent hogtie fastens to wrist and ankle cuffs. Non-staining body-safe vinyl and nickle-free hardware. Unisex design and compatible with all Bare Bondage accessories.
Bed Spreader EL-LF-1328
Whether on a romantic getaway or at home many any size bed a perfect place to lock down your lover with a Bed Spreader. Without frames or hooks easily restrain your partners arms or legs from the sides or top and bottom in absolute comfort.