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Adam and Eve Pheromone  Massage Oil - 1 Oz.  AE-LQ-7984-2
Enjoy sensual massage even more with this lightly-scented massage oil enhanced with the powerful sexual allure of pheromones. Attract, arouse, and feel the passion build. Adam and Eve Pheromone Massage Oil leaves skin soft, smooth, and infused with a gentle scent of strawberry and citrus.
Adam and Eve Pheromone Infused Cologne - 2 Oz.  AE-LQ-7250-2
Spray on Adam and Eve Pheromone infused Cologne to silently draw women to you the moment you enter the room. Adam Pheromone Infused Cologne was developed for today's male to attract women thanks to its unique proprietary ingredient Androstenone. Extracted in the lab by scientists, this pheromone attractant works subconsciously to lure women to the man wearing it.
Adam and Eve Strawberry  Pheromone Massage Oil - 4 Oz. AE-LQ-6956-2
Enjoy sensual massage even more with this lightly scented massage oil enhanced with the powerful sexual allure of pheromones. Attract arouse and feel the passion build. Adam and Eve Pheromone Massage oil leaves skin soft smooth and infused with a gentle scent of strawberry and citrus - and you will both find yourself more attracted to each other.
Big Flirt Pheromone Infused Sex Attractant 0.34 Fl. Oz. / 10 Ml  SEN-VL543
Wear this universal sex attractant to boost your sexy confidence and be more attractive. The pheromones are unisex so men and women can wear the same formula. The scent is fresh, fruity and floral and smells different on every person. You can wear this along with your own perfume, or enjoy it by itself!

0.34 fl. Oz. (10mL) bottle.
Body Boudoir Love in Luxury Pheromone Massage Oil Candle - Moroccan Fusion - 5.2 Oz. CE1087-09
An expression of erotique sensuale. Luxurious candle provides romantic ambiance, alluring fragrance & extravagant massage Candle liquefies into a loving touch oil for romantic body massage.

Designed with soy & other extravagant oils for the finest massage encounters & ultimate skin pampering.

Aphrodisiac Fragrance

Moroccan fusion is a medley of exotic mangosteen, acai berry, & sweet musk, tickled with crips coconut & red current. Enhanced by a whisper of white lily.

Pheromone Infused to enhance sexual arousal.

Contains: Write on me ceramic candle holder with pour spout, fragranced pheromone massage oil candle & massage chalk.
Coco Licious Shimmer Body Bronzer Boxed  - Strawberry  SE2280083
Lickable, strawberry flavored body bronzer with pheromones, aloe, and Vitamin C. Added touch of Coco sparkle. Absorbs excess skin moisture. Built-in sifter and application pad included.
Coochy Body Oil Mist - 4 Oz   COO1040-04
Coochy oh so smooth Body Oil Mist is the hydrating and soothing botanical blast that can be used as a conditioning and moisturizing complex.

Treat your skin to a nourishing blast with our botanical body oil mist. Infused with soothing extracts and ultra-hydrating moisturizers, this multi-purpose oil absorbs instantly for a soft, satin finish. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and seductively scented.

Made in the USA

4 fl oz / 118 ml
Crazy Girl After Dark Sex Aphrodisiac Essence - Black Orchid - .3 oz.  CE7600-00
Pheromone Potion 9 Sex Aphrodisiac Essence Black Orchid Fragrance Black Orchid is the essence of desire distilled intro fragrant oil. Dangerous intentions of orchid intertwine with dark violet to bewitch while muted amber and earth musk complete fragrant symphony of mysterious seduction. Roll-on applicator flows fragrance potion to areas for seduction. Extra potent Pheromone oil to enhance sex attraction. Intermingle with you natural Pheromones and PH Balance to create a love spell of sexual arousal.
Crazy Girl Glitzy Body Sparkle Mist with Sex Attractant - So Very Berry Wild CE7017-04
Diva Glamour Girl Ready! Glam up skin with a sexy sparkle and an irresistible aphrodisiac fragrance to bait & captivate. Designed with skin-loving ingredients that add hydration & sexy softness to skin.

Inspire hidden desires with the power of fragrance and pheromones.

So Very Berry Wild fragrance is a naughty mix of sugared berries dazzled by an evening vanilla musk.
Crazy Girl Kissable Passion Bubbles with  Pheromones - Vanilla Mint - 8 Fl. Oz. / 237 Ml  CE7040-08
Diva-licious fun for bath or shower. Splish-splash bubbly passion for 2! Kissable vanilla mint flavor for seductive fun infused with a pheromone sex attractant to awaken passionate senses.