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 Wet Warming Gel Lubricant - 10.7 oz. WT20603
Wet Warming intimate lubricant is silky smooth, long lasting, water soluble, harmless if ingested and latex friendly.
 Wet Warming Gel Lubricant - 5.1 oz. WT20602
Wet Warming intimate lubricant is silky smooth, long lasting, water soluble, harmless if ingested and latex friendly.
Adam and Eve Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer - 0.5 Oz.  AE-LQ-6406-2
Adam & Eve’s exclusive clit sensitizer makes it easier to orgasm by increasing sensitivity. By hyper-stimulation, the cream makes it easier than ever for you – whether you have difficulty climaxing in the first place or you just want to hit the Big O more often! And the more often you use it, the easier it becomes. As you and your body become more familiar with your individual cues, you’ll find it increasingly easier to climax. With frequent practice, you won’t even need the cream anymore!
Arousal Gel - .25 oz. SE2244002
Seekers of new sensations: look no more! Apply Arousal Gel's soothing cool gel to your nipples or clitoris, then experience a unique tingly feeling as it warms up and you can LICK IT OFF!
Awaken - Stimulating Clitoral Massaging Gel - 0.3 Fl. Oz. / 8.6ml WS-90805
The clitoris is a powerful organ of sexual pleasure; and although it has morethan 8,000 sensory nerve endings- more than any other part of the humanbody, sometimes a little extra stimulation is all that's needed to push you overthe edge. Awaken Clitoral Massaging Gel has been created to heightensensitivity and enhance libido with a finely crafted herbal blend of botanicsand aphrodisiacs. Use alone or with a partner for intense sensation and blissfulsatisfaction.

Vegan, L-Arginine Free, Glycerin Free, Paraben Free, Safe for use with toys, latex friendly, and Ph balanced.
Body Action Liquid V for Women - 3 Unit Box BA-LVB
Formulated in a thick maximum strength topical gel that amplifies sexual pleasure for women immediately on contact. It is formulated to help increase clitoral sensitivity for women who want to enhance their personal experiences. It works by producing a warm tingling sensation to the clitoris, enhancing sexual sensations. This water-based gel can be used along with condoms and is also compatible with all adult toy materials for use whenever extra excitement is desired.
Burst Aphrodisiac Enhanced Lubricant - 4 oz. TS1031449
Burst into sensual adult fun! Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac-Enhanced Lubricant is glycerin-free and water based. The climax beads burst on contact for erotic sensations. This lubricant is enriched with herbal aphrodisiacs yohimbe and horny goatweed to enhance your pleasure.
Buzz Liquid Vibrator - 0.23 Fl. Oz. / 7 Ml  DJ4550-01-BX
Heighten arousal and seduce your senses. With just a few drops of Buzz Liquid Vibrator stimulating clitoral gel, you can take your pleasure to all-new heights. The soothing all-natural ingredients of Buzz enhance your body’s unique sensations for a hands-free, long-lasting intimate experience. Buzz also provides gentle lubrication for ultimate comfort when enjoying Buzz with a partner or solo.

• Stimulating Clitoral Gel
• Tingles on Contact for Heightened Arousal
• Formulated with Natural Ingredients
• Creates a Pleasurable Buzzing Sensation Once Applied
• Formulated, Manufactured, and Bottled at an ISO Certified Lab and FDA Registered Test Facility
• Three-Year Shelf Life
• Free from Parabens, Glycerin, and Sugar
• Proudly Made in America
China Nympho Cream NW0202
Apply to clit prior to intercourse and turn her into a nympho!
Cinnamon Clit Sensitizer Gel - 1 Fl. Oz. / 30 Ml   AE-LQ-1035-2
Cinnamon sensitizer gel stimulates clitoral nerves for increased sensation. Increases orgasmic frequency and strength. Kissable for use during oral stimulation. Dramatically improves your sex life.